Caesar salad

Worldwide famous, Caesar Salad is the masterpiece of the Italian chef Cesare Cardini who emigrated in the US before the Second World War. In 1924 Cesare opened his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, in order to avoid the restrictions of Prohibitionist. According to the legend, running out of supply the fourth of July (the independence day of the US) 1924, he had to make do with what he had in the kitchen. The outcome was Caesar salad.

In Caesar Salad, Cardini combined some typical Italian ingredients (parmesan, Roman lettuce and olive oil) with some ingredients (notably Worcestershire sauce) that are popular in the US. The success of this tasty American-Italian recipe was immediate. Today’s there are several versions of Cesar Salad. In PocoLoco, we prepare Cesar Salad with bacon, Roman lettuce and, naturally, Worcestershire sauce.

Caesar Salad can be served as both side dish and main course. As side-dish, Caesar Salad usually accompanies red and white meat dishes. Enjoy your Caesar Salad with our red meat main courses, like “Cosciotto di Angello al forno”, “Coda alla vaccinara”, “Guanciale di bue” and “Guanciale di maiale”, and you will make a really great experience with Italian food.