Boston Lobster with Handmade Pasta

The relaxing and friendly atmosphere of PocoLoco is the right environment where to enjoy the Mediterranean fragrances of this posh dish that merges the simplicity of the Italian cuisine with the sophistication of great chefs’ creations.

Boston lobster, which gives to any meal a touch of luxury, is exalted by the neutral taste of handmade pasta. It makes this classy dish great to celebrate important festivities like Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Saint Valentine.  Another occasion to enjoy this valued first course is when you wish to have a one-to-one dinner with that special somebody that you love so much.

In PocoLoco, you are going to find a rich variety of Italian traditional seafood dishes. Among our first courses, we mention the famous Pasta with Clams (Paste alle vongole) and the delicate Squid ink Pasta (Pasta al nero di seppia). Another popular first course is Zuppa di Pesce (Tomato seafood dishes), a colourful and tasty speciality that is served almost everywhere along the Italian seaside resorts.

A lightly sparkling dry white wine is the natural pairing of this dish full of seafood fragrances. The ideal would be drinking Champagne; if you opt for a more Italian alternative,  there is Prosecco. We suggest our Bisol, a top-quality white dry wine from Veneto.