Boston Lobster Served in Bloody Mary Sauce

It is with pride that we present this creation of our chef, Lobster with Handmade Tagliatelle “Nere” in Bloody Mary Sauce, that mixes the Italian and Chinese culinary traditions in an attempt of cultural syncretism.

Pasta is a traditional food also in China, as it is well proved by the presence of several kinds of dumplings served with seafood or meat on the menu of every Chinese restaurant.  In this recipe, we have simply replaced dumplings with some delicious handmade tagliatelle (a kind of pasta with the shape of long ribbons) flavoured with squid ink. Some Bloody Mary Sauce is then added in the end, in order to correct the sweetish lobster taste with a tart note.

The result is that you can enjoy a dish that brings Mediterranean flavours in a Chinese format, yet preserving intact all the mild fragrances of seafood.

First courses – usually pasta or rice – are the real core of the Italian cuisine and its key factor of success at homeland and abroad. In PocoLoco, we have a wide choice of Italian first courses on our menu, from the popular “Pasta al ragu” (pasta with bolognese) to several kinds of pasta seasoned with seafood, like “Pasta alle Vongole” (pasta with clams) and “Pasta ai Gamberi”(pasta with prawn).

A glass of champagne is the right companion for this posh dish that has a French allure because of the presence of lobster. Another option can be prosecco: we suggest our Bisol, a top quality white wine from Veneto.