Beef Pasta

The complete name of this delicate and sophisticated recipe that has all flavours of the area of “Langhe” in Piedmont, a reason in the north-west of Italy, is “Pasta al ragu di manzo e tartufi”. In English, it could be translated as “pasta seasoned with veal and truffle sauce”.

The type of pasta that we utilize to prepare this delicious dish is “Tagliatelle”, a kind of ribbon-cut egg pasta that is very popular in Italy and in the world. The sauce is different from the ordinary “Bolognese”, as there is no tomato juice.  Beef is sautéed in white wine and flavoured with parsley and truffle essence. This formula combines the spicy fragrance of truffles with the sophisticated delicacy of veal and creates an outcome that satisfies the most exigent palates.

Truffles are the main ingredient of Piedmont cuisine. It is not a case that Alba, the Italian capital of truffles, is placed there. They are utilized to flavour many dishes like out “Pasta delle Langhe”, as the spicy taste of truffles is unique. This valued fungus really makes the difference between what is ordinary and what is sophisticated.

Coming to wine pairings, “Pasta al ragu di manzo e tartufi” needs wines that are not too acid and not too flavoured, no matter if they are red or white. Avoid sparkling wines. Our Chianti and  Pinot Grigio are both two good possible choices.