Baked Alaska

What is better than this dessert with an appearance that reminds the ice and the snow to conclude Christmas dinner?  What makes the difference in Baked Alaska is the surprising contrast between the crispy and ethereal texture of its caramelized meringue top and the creamy and cold cream at of its vanilla ice cream interior. In order to create a visual effect inspired by hawthorns, some raspberries are then spread by our chef on your slice before serving.

Merengue is a traditional Italian sweet speciality flavoured with lemon or other fragrances like chocolate. Made of whipped egg whites and sugar syrup, it is the main ingredient of “Meringata”, a traditional cake made of merengue layers alternated with cream or ice cream layers. In the Sardinian version, some almonds are also added.

While everybody has tasted Vanilla ice cream at least once in life, very few people know that there are many Italian recipes that exploit the sharp contrast between a cold ice cream core and a hot external crust usually made of fried dough, merengue, or baked dough. Among all, we mention Gelato al Forno (baked ice cream) and Torta Gelato (ice cream cake).

Lovers of traditional Italian desserts will found a huge choice in and from the popular and café flavoured Tiramisu to the original and creamy Panna Cotta. Naturally, ice cream is always available for those who wish to enjoy some few moments of sweet relief in the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of our restaurant.